Tune In: YouTube Music Brings Podcasts to US Listeners

April 28, 2023

Podcasts are now officially available on YouTube Music’s US platform for iOS, web, and Android. Just a few months back, the Head of YouTube Podcasting “Kai Chuk” said that this feature would soon be introduced to the service of YouTube Music, setting off the eagerly awaited rollout.

Users may now view podcasts on the primary app and keep listening to them on the YouTube Music application, thanks to this upgrade. According to the firm, all users may smoothly switch between audio-video versions of podcasts on YouTube Music and can listen to them offline, on-demand, while casting, and in the background.

This podcast listening experience is different from our music listening experience where you need a Premium or Music Premium subscription to enjoy some of these features,” the firm stated in a recent post. The YouTube podcast video experience is enhanced by this latest listening experience of the podcast.

What’s best? No matter, if you take a subscription to YouTube Premium, podcasts on YouTube Music, will be accessible. Even YouTube warns that paying users who listen to podcasts there might hear sponsorship material or host-read endorsements.

Podcasts will soon be available to YouTube Music subscribers outside of the United States, even though the update is now being gradually sent out to listeners all around the US. However, the business hasn’t yet disclosed any precise launch information.

A new “Podcasts” button has been added to the Home Tab of YouTube Music. Clicking on it will lead you to the special feed that features your desired podcasts and suggested episodes. The platform has gained a lot with the addition of this new function, which will definitely improve the experience for podcast fans.

YouTube is urging producers to think about sharing a video with a stationary image, using audiograms, or using alternative video formats (dynamic) if their podcast is audio-only. The business announces that it will shortly provide producers the choice to immediately submit audio podcasts to YouTube Music & YouTube via RSS feeds.

YouTube doesn’t want to enter into exclusive agreements with podcasters like Spotify does. Instead, it appears that the company is interested in combining the audio and video aspects of podcast listening.

This update is revolutionary whether you currently use YouTube Music or are a podcast enthusiast. With YouTube Music, enjoying your favorite podcasts is now more convenient than ever thanks to the option to listen to them offline, on-demand, and in the background. Additionally, the new “Podcasts” tab on the Home tab makes it simple to access your preferred podcasts and suggested episodes.

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