Spotify & AI – Remixing The Future
With AI DJ & It Sounds GROOVY!

March 14, 2023

Spotify is known for its top-notch & diverse music quality. It has changed the face of the music industry; online streaming has made music accessible and has become the world’s favorite music platform. Sidelining the sometimes-annoying ADs, Spotify is the go-to place for exploring music.

To add another feather to the cap, Spotify has launched a new AI DJ feature that compiles a personalized music playlist and delivers spoken commentary in a natural AI-generated accent.

The feature builds on Spotify’s current personalization and machine learning investments by utilizing the most recent AI technologies, large language models, and generative speech.

As per Tony Jebara, Spotify’s VP of engineering at Spotify uses AI to create playlists for years and considers AI and machine learning as integral to the business’s success. The highly customized song and playlist recommendations available on Spotify’s home screen are made using AI and machine learning. 

A user doesn’t need to know the precise title of the song, artist, playlist, or podcast they’re looking for, thanks to AI, which also powers Spotify’s search engine and uses natural language processing to “guesstimate” a user’s search queries. 

How Spotify’s AI DJ Works?

The technology termed as “speech synthesis” is used to develop Val Kilmer’s voice in Top Gun: Maverick was created by Sonantic, an artificial intelligence voice platform that Spotify acquired last year. The incorporation of the technology into Spotify’s music streaming service to give its customers fresh experiences, therefore, seemed inevitable.

The AI DJ, as per Spotify, will remix up old and new songs, potentially reviving a song you haven’t heard in a while. As early as you tell it what genres of music you love & groove to, it will consider your choices and starts creating a mix for you. In addition, the playlist or lineup is frequently revised in reaction to customer feedback.

The results of the survey taken by the American Psychological Association are astonishing. Based on machine learning about your listening habits and musical tastes, this improved AI tries to imitate the presenter of Spotify’s morning show, The Get Up, and offers insightful remarks regarding the album or song you’re currently listening to.

Here’s How You Can Get The Spotify AI DJ!

Where can I access and use Spotify AI DJ? Currently, in private testing, Spotify AI DJ is only accessible to Canadian and American Premium subscribers, but it will soon be made available to all users. First, use the Spotify AI DJ to ensure your Spotify app is updated. Then, take the following actions:

  • Open Spotify mobile application on your iOS/Android device.
  • Go to your Music Feed on the Home page.
  • On the DJ card, click Play.
  • Your radio program will now begin, thanks to the Spotify AI DJ feature.

If you want to change what the DJ selected for you, you can press the DJ button again to hear a different genre, tone, or performer.

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