Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1 | Here’s What to Know

February 9, 2024

The long wait of Grand Theft Auto fans is over, with the next installment in the mega-hit franchise finally getting a good taste of GTA VI with the release of the new upcoming trailer.

The Rockstar Games has released their 90-second teaser, which has received more than 159 million views in less than 3 weeks. The trailer has created speculation about when the gaming studio will release its cult classic. People have been playing Grand Theft Auto V for over a decade now.

The trailer confirms that that game is coming in 2025, and the title is indeed Grand Theft Auto VI for now. However, there is no confirmation of a specific release date.

GTA VI seems to be an instant hit, and, like its previous installments, which are also the most successful games with around $7.68 billion in sales when it was launched in 2013.

Analysts predict that more information about ”GTA VI”, such as pricing and the possibility of an online multiplayer version, will be disclosed in 2024.

Setting up the Narrative: 

The game appears to feature a female protagonist for the first time. Lucia, the woman in the orange ”inmate” shirt, is seen gazing into a prison yard in one scene. In another scene, she bursts into a store wearing a bandanna mask and carrying a gun.

Sam Houser, president of Rockstar, said that the game would push the limits with possible immersive and story-driven open-world experiences.

The Grand Theft Auto video games let players do many things, not just follow the main story. The games are set in fictional cities modeled after New York and Southern California.

Players can drive around listening to music or cause chaos by attacking police. But the games also have a central narrative involving crimes like robberies and kidnappings.

Grand Theft Auto V has sold about 190 million copies on the computer after it was released in 2013.

About the Trailer GTA:

The trailer gives you a glimpse of the game’s female protagonist, Lucia, who starts in prison. “Bad luck, I guess,” she says. The trailer confirms that the game is set in Vice City. Social media is going to be a significant part of the game, as was hinted at in the glimpses of TikTok and live streams. The trailer also covers quick crime shots.

Like the previous version, the gameplay seems to have focused on the open world as the players complete the mission during the progression of the overall story. They also engage in various other activities. Most gameplay revolves around shooting and driving with occasional role-playing and sleuth elements.

As Tom Petty’s “Love Is a Long Road” plays in the background, numerous car-related crimes are depicted. Alligators are also present in unexpected locations, fitting for the Florida-inspired setting.

In the end, it shows more about Lucia and the male character, who appear to be both lovers and partners in crime. The closing notes state, “The only way we are gonna get through this is by sticking together and being a team.”

Here is How We Can Get More Out of the Trailer:

You will have to wait until 2025 to play the game.

The trailer ends with some bad news for GTA fans. They have to wait longer for the game. Though the release is expected in 2025, it only specifies the year, and no specific day has been revealed.

The shares of TakeTwo have slipped 3%, though the stock has jumped 50% this year while anticipating the new Grand Theft Auto release.

A Closer Look at What to Expect of GTA VI

1. GTA introduces its first-ever female protagonist: The trailer opens with the game’s first-ever female protagonist, Lucia. Later in the video, we can see her with a male partner as they engage in some criminal endeavors, with hints that they are on a robbing binge. The pair gives vibes of daring, risk-taking, and a rebellious lifestyle.

2. The soundtrack has the essence of Tom Petty: The trailer is accompanied by Tom Petty’s 1989 release, ”Love Is A Long Road,” which was co-written by guitarist Mike Campbell. Campbell stated that the song was inspired by his motorcycle.

3. Flashy vehicles: The video also features flashy cars and luxury vehicles like Rolls-Royce and Porsches.

Flashy vehicles

However, it is not limited to cars only; you can find watercraft, boats, helicopters, cruise boats, and people partying on yachts.

4. Social media plays a big role: Social media is going to play a significant role in GTA VI. You can see pictures of live streams and online posts.

Many comments on the posts and videos are snarky. For example, in one scene, an older woman in a housedress and slippers is shown holding hammers in both hands.

older woman in a housedress and slippers  is shown holding hammers in both hands

5. Interactions with wildlife: The game has gone to the fictional Vice City in Florida. Miami inspires the video and depicts wild Florida, showing massive alligators.

Vice City in Florida

You can see a wildlife expert pulling an alligator from the pool. At the same time, the other scene depicts a moment of zen, with a flamingo taking flight.


The Grand Theft Auto has been the epicenter of entertainment for decades. In 3 weeks, it has garnered over 174 million views, proving the cultural impact of the series and how this game will push the limits of highly immersive and story-driven experiences.

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