What is Data Recovery and How Does it Work?

September 24, 2019

Bitter but true, we all have dealt with data loss, either from a hard drive failure, data corruption or deleting accidentally. Indeed, losing data is a nightmare but it surely has some solutions -data recovery software. In case you’ve faced such unfortunate digital mishaps, then you might have looked out for data recovery software and wondered if it is 100% effective or not! How much it costs, etc.?
In this post we are set out find out answers to all these questions.

Data Loss and Data Recovery

Data loss can occur in many forms such as hard drive failures, data corruption, software bugs, accidental deletion, hacking and sometimes even a power failure. Not to forget, the extreme cases when you have to recover data from the storage media that is completely destroyed.

Also, the data can be restored from the external storage device like hard drive, USB stick, solid-state drive, Raid, etc. by hiring some third-parties or with some data recovery software.

Data recovery is a simple process of salvaging and repairing the lost data. But, of course, it is not always possible to recover the damaged data as the data is corrupted or damaged beyond the restoring limit.

However, these days, data recovery services in Singapore have become extremely advanced that can recover almost 99% of the damaged/corrupted data

How Does Data Recovery Work?

The recovery methods can only be described after knowing the history of data loss. Following are some of the forms that are commonly popular than the other ones.

File Deletion:

Luckily, any file that gets erased or deleted stays there on your device until overwritten otherwise with some other file. This means if you act out fast, then there are more chances that you will be able to get all of your data back. Today, with a boom in digital world, you have a lot of options to choose from. One of such data recovery online portals is Hard Disk Data Recovery in Singapore that has a team of professionals to deal with your complex data loss problems.

However, if you try to fix the data loss problem yourself, then there are possibilities of you overwriting the data which can result in the cache or cookies stored in that location. This way you may never be able to recover your lost data. Also, the chances of data recovery depend upon the format of your file system.

For example: the Windows NTFS system is known for keeping the file information even after it gets deleted, making it comparatively stress-free for a file recovery software to find and restore the file. However, other systems such as UTF and FAT tends to destroy more file information when it is deleted which makes it a little harder for file-recovery algorithms to recover the file on the disk.

File Corruption:

Another big nightmare is getting terrorized with a message “corrupt hard drive.”  No matter how disheartening it may be, it is possible to recover that damaged files and hard drive.

In this case, you might also try attaching your hard drive to your computer as there are chances that your operating system may be corrupted and not your hard drive. If this is the case, then copy all the data to another hard drive.

Another case can be a corrupted partition table, which might only be repaired using the right data recovery software. If you are able to repair the corrupted table, it will get easy to restore all your files back.

Note: The data restoration completely depends upon the level of corruption.

Fixing a Corrupted Windows NTFS File system with Ubuntu

As long as your recovery software is able to recover the corrupted files, there’s a chance that you will get your needed files back by recovery software. But, you should anticipate that you might not get all the files back but some of the portion of the lost chunk of data. Also, save a lot of time in the data recreation process.

File System Format or Damage

It is similar to deleting a file, formatting a file system erases all the information about the earlier version files and structure of the disk, but the amount of data that is destroyed depends on the system format

From FAT to NTFS to ZFS: File Systems Demystified

Different types of hard drives and operating systems may use different file systems.
Here’s the whole explanation:

Considering a situation where you are to format with FAT; this will result in the destruction of all the stored data. And, you will be rewriting that disk’s section with zeroes and hence, limiting the chances of recovering the lost data.

File systems like NTFS surely has more chances of extracting the lost data even if they are overwritten with the same file system.

Writing XFS over FAT has more likelihood to be recovered. In the file system damage case, the recoverable files number is directly proportional to the level of damage and also on the allocation information available to the recovery software. If enough information is available to the recovery software, then recovery software is totally able to repair the file system and accurately trace previous files and recover them all.

Recovering the files that are deleted or formatted is one issue; another big issue is to get files off a damaged drive. While you may not require technical skills to download and run data recovery software, it would be better to leave severely damaged hard drives for professionals because it requires the drive detachment.

How to Repair a Dead Hard Disk Drive to Recover Data?

In case your hard drive has damaged, below-mentioned is the guide to help you out with data recovery. Realize that taking the hard drive apart without causing any damage to it is a really very difficult job.
It is because the professional repairers only open the hard drive in a clean and highly controlled environment that is almost free from environment pollution. Even a single particle on the hard drive plates can crash the read/write head of the hard drive.

Static electricity can also become a reason of damaging the drive, so these rooms and technician’s clothing minimizes static charges.

When a physical damage becomes a reason of a hard drive failure, it is based on number of factors such as crashed head or broken controller board. Sometimes these hard drive problems can be resolved by just replacing the damaged parts. But on a serious note, for getting the damaged hard drive fixed, take it to the professionals and now you can seek online help for the damaged hard drive recovery in Singapore.

Taking hard drive to the professionals or data recovery specialists will increase the chances of getting your data back and hard drive fixed by using the sophisticated recovery software. The only drawback here is the fixing process, data recovery and the maintenance can cost you some serious amount of money. Although these days, with the growing competition in the local markets and online has lessened the cost.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery

Solid state drives are gaining more popularity, especially with the ultrabooks rise. Recovering the data from SSD is tougher than recovering it from the traditional hard drive. But again, the technology advancements in this field are making it easier than before.

Since the technology is new hence it is very expensive. Hopefully, the recovery cost will come down in the near future.

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