People Still Use Yahoo Mail – But Why?

May 13, 2022

I don’t even remember when I last logged into my old Yahoo! email account. When I was a teenager, it probably was. I believe the last time I shot an email from my Yahoo Mail was a decade ago.

I thought Yahoo Mail was a past.

Like many people, I also thought that the world left it behind just like I did. But I was wrong.

Intimacy & Durability

Yahoo! is one of the oldest entities available on the Internet. It was launched in 1994 and swiftly became one of the most famous names in the world. Yahoo! introduced an email service in 1997 and became the first email provider.

In addition, Yahoo! drove the dot com bubble and sustained the subsequent crash in 2001 when many other alternative platforms failed to make it. Yet, in the IT world, where tech companies rise and fall at an astonishing rate, Yahoo! delivers stability that is rarely found.

This stability generated lots of loyal Yahoo! users and has solely played around with their normal web routine over the course of decades.

Old habits die hard.

When email was in its earlier stage, most people picked up their email addresses from whoever they got their internet service. Popular platforms like CompuServe, Prodigy, and AOL provided email to their customers during their service.

I got my first email address from my college. But when I subscribed to America Online, I had an AOL email address that remained my primary email for many years.

But the time I left AOL service and became a Comcast customer, I lost my email address and got a new email address instead.

That isn’t very pleasant! I had to let all my contacts know I had a new email address. This was a hassle.
The Internet was ideal for picking a vendor-neutral email service that you could take with you regardless of your ISP. Yahoo! was the first email provider that wasn’t tied with any ISPs. Of course, Gmail has become the first choice of many people these days, but Yahoo mail still now keeps tons of accounts active.

Yahoo! is Still Popular

Many people thrived on Google as their Internet home page in the last 10 years – and almost forgot about Yahoo! According to Alexa, Yahoo! holds the 9th most popular site on the Internet. That means Yahoo! is still quite popular.

You might believe it or not, Yahoo! has modernized its website in the last 5 years and become a great new landing page for web browsing with best technology. However, there is another excellent alternative web search engine – Google.

10 Reasons Why People Still Love Yahoo!

According to a report, 500 million Yahoo! accounts were hacked in 2014. But still, millions of people are connected to Yahoo Mail may be because of the following 10 reasons:

  1. It’s free of cost.
  2. Yahoo! never stores your passwords.
  3. Too much of a hassle.
  4. People say things like, “Yahoo isn’t so bad.”
  5. Most people want to keep in touch with our old emails and people.
  6. People don’t care what others think and say about Yahoo!
  7. Many people don’t switch to Gmail.
  8. Yahoo Mail uses for spam email.
  9. People came for the Yahoo Groups and had never left.
  10. People still feel morally superior to those who pay AOL for internet service.

Yahoo! Home Page is uncluttered and full of information and the latest updates.

With fast and simple access to your Yahoo Mail right on the front page of Yahoo! It makes sense that most people still use it – especially those who love to use YAHOOOOOO! as their primary web page. In addition, Yahoo! offers great jumping-off points to many other places on the Internet.

With high-profile security bugs and hacks abound, I still don’t consider yahoo as my primary email service, and it may never be. But on the other hand, many people still use Yahoo! The point is that those Yahoo lovers don’t necessarily use Yahoo Mail as their primary email. It can be possible that many of them have Gmail accounts or maybe have Hotmail accounts.

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