What Graphics Card Does the Xbox Series X Have?

April 4, 2023

Are you an avid gamer looking for the ultimate gaming experience? Then you must have heard about the Xbox Series X – Microsoft’s latest gaming console designed to deliver immersive, high-quality gameplay. But have you ever wondered what graphics card powers this incredible machine? 

We’ll dive into the technical details and explain how this graphics card enables the Xbox Series X to deliver stunning visuals and smooth gameplay for even the most demanding games. So, if you want to know the technology behind the Xbox Series X, keep reading to learn more about the graphics card that makes it all possible.

What Graphics Card Does the Xbox Series X Have?

The Xbox Series X GPU is a custom AMD chip based on the latest RDNA 2 architecture. It features 52 cores running up to 1.825 GHz, delivering 12.15 teraflops of computing power.

Due to the custom nature of the Xbox Series X’s GPU, it isn’t easy to directly compare to its counterpart in the PC world.

However, some experts have suggested that the performance of the GPU in the Xbox Series X is about the same as that of a high-end PC graphics card like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super or AMD Radeon RX 6800.

While the Xbox Series X GPU is a powerful chipset, it’s important to remember that the performance will also depend on optimizing the games that run on it.

The Series X features a custom-designed GPU based on AMD’s latest RDNA 2 architectures. It will allow the console to support 4K resolution at 120 frames per second and 8K resolution and Ray Tracing.

Xbox Series X — An Overview

The Xbox Series X features a custom-designed graphics processor based on AMD’s latest RDNA 2 architecture. It can deliver 12 TFLOPS of peak performance, making it the most powerful console GPU. The GPU also has 52 cores, a significant increase from the 40 cores in the Xbox One X.

Raw Power

The increased number of computing units allows the Xbox Series X to offer significantly more raw power than its predecessor. In addition, the GPU has a new generation of AMD’s Radeon Rays tracing acceleration technology, enabling real-time, realistic lighting and shadows in supported games.

Memory Architecture

The Xbox Series X also features a new memory architecture based on the latest GDDR6 technology. The console has 16 GB of GDDR6 memory, double that of the Xbox One X.


Developers can create larger, more detailed game worlds with increased memory bandwidth. In addition, the Xbox Series X will also feature a 1TB custom NVME SSD. This SSD will deliver unprecedented storage speed and performance. The SSD in the console will allow developers to create larger game worlds and load them more quickly.

Xbox Series X Compared to PC GPUs

Let’s look at how the Xbox Series X stacks up against a high-end PC GPU in terms of power.

The Xbox Series X is equipped with a custom-designed AMD graphics processor that is capable of delivering 12 teraflops of performance. It is well above the 4.2 teraflops offered by the PlayStation 4 Pro and the six teraflops offered by the Xbox One X. The Xbox Series X rivals some of the best PC GPUs on the market in terms of raw performance.

However, there are significant differences.

First, while many PC GPUs can support solutions up to 8K, the Xbox Series X is limited to running games at 4K resolution. The Xbox Series X does not support real-time ray tracing, a cutting-edge graphics technology increasingly standard on high-end PC GPUs.

The Xbox Series X is a powerful console that can hold against even the best PC GPUs. However, it is important to remember some key differences before you decide which platform is right for you.

If you want the best gaming experience, Xbox Series X is an excellent choice for gamers. It has a powerful console for most demanding games. The Xbox Series X is the console for you if you want one that gives you the best gaming experience.

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