Types of CFB DFS Contests in FanDuel

May 13, 2022

DFS games are a popular esport loved by many people in the US. If you love to watch CFB, you’ll enjoy playing D=CFB DFS. However, before you put too much money into college football DFS, make sure you’re eligible to participate in the site’s college football games.

You may have a working FanDuel account, but certain states prohibit consumers from participating in college football DFS owing to rules or regulations prohibiting DFS for amateur or collegiate sports.

Style of Fand Duel CFB DFS Contest

  • Full roster
    FanDuel’s complete roster college football games is a conventional form of DFS that requires players to pick their roster for seven positions: one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, and one super flex. The objective is to choose the greatest possible lineup while staying under the $60,000 salary cap. In addition, kickers and team defense have been replaced in the games by a “super flex” position, which allows a user to fill the vacsancy with any position of their choice.
  • Single game
    Single-game FanDuel college football games feature players from a single game, resulting in smaller rosters and easier roster setup. Users of FanDuel draft five available positions, including an MVP position. This position receives 1.5 times the standard point rate. For single-game contests, each flex position can be in any position.

These are the two basic content types that you will play in Fanduel. A great CFB DFS pick ensures you make a good team of players. So, do your research and choose the best-performing players on your roster. You can also take help from professional CFB DFS websites to learn and create the best team for your matches.

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