Improve Customer Satisfaction with Instagram Polls

July 19, 2022

It is difficult to run a business. It is not easy to be creative and attract new customers. However, you must also balance your business to satisfy loyal customers. 

This is especially important as 20% of your future profits will come from existing customers.
It is obvious that your probability of selling to a client who is already happy is 14 times greater than that of selling to a new client. This means that you must focus on building a loyal client base. How do you get it?

Answer: Ask your customers for feedback. Use Instagram polls to improve customer satisfaction. Their opinions are important because they are the ones who use and pay for your products.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Instagram Polls

Instagram Stories polls let you ask a question, and then see the results of your followers’ votes. You can place it anywhere you like in your posts.

Why is Instagram such an efficient customer service channel? There are many reasons for this, but we will only share the most compelling ones.

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018. You can find most of your customers there.

Every day, more than 400 million accounts use Stories.

Three-quarters of Instagram users act after seeing a post. This means that opinion polls can provide highly credible information about your company.

Instagram user-generated content has a higher conversion rate of >5%

After all, this, let’s take a look at 5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction with Instagram Polls.
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1. Ask Yes Or No Questions

Because it allows followers to make final decisions, a “Yes or No” question can be the most engaging way to engage them. This is a psychological trick that people love because they want to be the decision-maker.

Dave Clarkson, customer service manager at Best Dissertation explains how this type of poll works: “In the case of Yes/No questions, you create an environment of contest and competition, giving users the feeling of excitement. 

They also have the power to make decisions, which is a big deal because they are in control

Ask your fans many different questions:

  • Do you like …??
  • Are you looking to buy …??
  • Have you ever seen …??

You not only show that you care about their opinions, but you also gain valuable business insight. Data can be used to improve customer journeys or make strategic decisions.

2. Ask for a product recommendation

It’s easier than ever to choose the right product for your target audience. You can use Instagram Stories polls to ask your followers one question: Which product do you prefer? This is a great way to get people talking about your brand.

This is how you can create a poll. It is possible to create an image of two items that are next to each other’s and back it up with product specifications. 

Now the question is: Which one do you prefer? You now only need to collect meaningful user feedback.
Instagram polls with product selections allow you to share more information about each item.

Your followers will be able to get to know your products better and make informed decisions. Your feedback will be the same because the poll is clear and simple.

3. Rate Products

Instagram Stories polls do not have to be answered with Yes or No. To enable product ratings, you can substitute standard answers with emojis. Users can voice their opinions about products and services by choosing one of the emojis available.

Emojis have been proven to increase user engagement, which is why emoji use in marketing messages has increased by nearly 800% annually. Instagram polls using emojis allow customers to express themselves better than their two-option counterparts.

Customer service analytics can be more accurate in such situations. It is possible to dig deeper into the thoughts of average consumers and determine the best way to adjust your products.

4. Encourage followers to share opinions

Next, let your followers voice their opinion in the Instagram Stories polls evolution. If you give your customers the opportunity to express themselves, they’ll be open to hearing from you. You only need to have a timely opinion poll, and you must choose a topic that is relevant to your followers.

You don’t need to limit your polls to products. You can also encourage users to share niche-related stories, run Instagram quizzes or test their knowledge. 

This is a way to encourage engagement on Instagram and show that you care about your customers. 
Once you have done this, your ultimate goal is to increase awareness and strengthen brand loyalty and customer satisfaction with Instagram polls.

5. To gain more insight, you can use clickable URLs

While Instagram polls are a great way for businesses to better understand their customers, they don’t always provide a complete picture. This means that you should take the final step and use opinion surveys as a channel to conduct a full-time survey.

Here’s how it works:

  • You can publish a story asking a simple yes or no question.
  • To encourage followers to learn more, add a special URL in the Story.
  • To gain additional insights, conduct a comprehensive customer relations survey.

Remember that surveys must be relevant and related to the content of your post. Any other method will be deemed a scam. Link adding is not allowed for accounts with over 10 000 followers on Instagram. 

Although it may seem excessive, this is an incentive to increase your followers.


Instagram is a highly interactive technology platform that has the potential to be one of your most valuable customer service tools. Stories polls allow you to get feedback from your followers and make use of their suggestions to improve customer satisfaction with Instagram polls.

This tool provides valuable metrics that allow you to analyze poll results in real time. It allows you to focus on those who are most likely to interact with your content. 

These people are likely to be loyal customers, so their votes really matter.

We are confident that you now know to Increase Customer Satisfaction using Instagram Polls. Give them a shot and let us know what you think.

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