How to make kids safe from the digital world

August 1, 2022

Are you curious? What are your kids doing on digital devices? No doubt, every parent’s interest is to keep their kids safe from the digital world. But the question is how? There is a plenty of online activities that always engage kids. Because children are growing up with digital devices, it becomes challenging for them to secure them from the online world. Even it isn’t easy to track them to measure their screen time. Therefore, we are here with the best solution to keep your kids safe from the online world. But you thoroughly read this article and come to know your child’s safety tool.

How to make your kids safe?

There are a lot of online tracking tools that claim to secure your kids. But the one I am going to describe for you is ever best. TheOneSpy is the best parental control that helps you protect your children.

TheOneSpy is the ultimate solution to digital dangers. It has the capacity to remotely check what your targeted person is doing on their machines. It has the power to monitor cell phones, computers, and laptops. This app works for the kid’s safety and employee monitoring. It works with multiple features for your targeted device. Users can choose the best tracking feature to protect their loved ones. It has an excellent opportunity to view every single activity of your children and employees.

Features that enable you to view your kids’ activities secretly

There are 250+ online features for your kids, but few help you check everything you want about your targeted one.

SMS monitoring; it enables you to check every send or receive message of your kids. Simply, you can get every conversation that had done by your loved ones.

Call logs; you can know about every incoming or outgoing call on your targeted phones.

Call recording; now you have the power to record all calls of your targeted kids and listen to their complete conversation.

Website block; it emerges your every concern and worry by restricting your kids from seeing adult content on their device.

Social media monitoring; social media is a highly useable platform by every person. Therefore, you can get your kids to complete social media performances.

Location tracker; get the current location of your kids. You can know the whereabouts of your child with a time stamp.

Location history; being parents, it’s your core responsibility to check where your kid is moving. So, use the location history feature and check their previous visits.

Key logger; check every type of key on the targeted device by the key logger. You can see the SMS, email, or other messages through it.

Password chaser; Get the device password secretly. Parents can secretly track their kid’s device passwords and unlock them without knowing their children.

Filter websites; set filters on specific websites that you never allow your children to see. Through this, you can protect kids from the internet and adult websites.

Tips to save your kids from the digital world

Now I will mention a guideline that also helps you secure your child as much as possible.

Limit screen time

It is not only meaning to destroy any internet activity. It also restricts excessive usage of online performance on digital devices. It is essential to keep an eye on your kids while spending time on digital devices. For kids monitoring, you need to limit their digital usage.

Encourage kids to physical interaction.

Develop interpersonal skills in your kids. You can encourage your kids for physical activities with other kids. It’s for their healthy routine and helps to stay away from digital gadgets.

Fix family time

As a parent, you should arrange a few hours for family sitting and engaging your kids. Arrange a few activities for kids that are entertaining for them.

Limit access to adult websites

You should restrict adult and unwanted websites of your kids. It prevents kids from the X-rated and porn sites.

Set social media boundaries

Excessive usage of social media and the internet can damage your kids. So, set boundaries and secure their online threats and scams.


Technology is a crucial part of our life. It is harmful to kids. So, you can save your kids from the dangerous online .you just have to install the TheOneSpy app and protect them.

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