How is Artificial Intelligence Helpful in Digital Marketing?

February 10, 2023

In this modern world, technology is making a huge impact by performing many advanced functions and tasks related to any work. Data science, Cloud computing, DevOps, Cloud Computing and Web Development are a few important and trending technologies in the world right now and among these, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular topic of the decade.

Artificial Intelligence is a popular, controversial yet useful technology that always remains on the headlines. Since the early 2000s, Artificial intelligence has seen huge growth and is widely used in Intelligent process automation, retail, marketing, finance, business, healthcare and several other sectors. 

In addition, it is increasingly becoming popular in Digital Marketing and is projected to grow over 50% in this field. So, in this article, we’ll discuss Artificial Intelligence and what are its contribution in Digital Marketing industry.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

John McCarthy is the man who introduced the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the 1950s, and he is known as the father of AI. Although many publications and engineers have given different definitions to Artificial Intelligence, summing them all, we can define Artificial Intelligence as a – 

“A Technology that combines computer science and engineering, enabling computers to perform tasks according to human guidelines”. 

Furthermore, combining three cognitive skills- learning, reasoning and self-correction, Artificial Intelligence provides detailed information and deep insights into any business or data. In some circumstances, it performs better than actual human intelligence. 

Five ways to use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Before discussing the use of AI in Digital Marketing, here is some quick information about Digital Marketing. So, Digital Marketing is promoting or marketing a brand through digital sources such as social media, mobile devices, websites, and email to connect provide service to customers. 

There are many tools and technologies that assist Digital Marketers in their work. But over the past few years, Artificial Intelligence has become an essential aspect of Digital Marketing. Here are the different ways to use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – 

Content Creation

Content creation and writing are important tasks for Digital Marketers. To write content for backlinking, social media post captions or any work, they may find it hard to write full-fledged original content. So, to provide them ease Artificial Intelligence can create full plagiarism-free content within seconds. 

Moreover, it can be curated as well organised pieces of informative content. During their work, Digital Marketers can save a lot of time by using AI to write content instead of writing it by themselves. Many AI-led content creation tools such as Quillbot, Wordsmith, ChatGPT and Writer Sonic are gaining popularity among marketers. Thus, AI can not only create content but can also help in saving a lot of time. 

Promotional and Predictive Analysis

Digital Marketing is all about promoting your brand, whether it’s watches or fashion-related stuff anything can be advertised using Digital Marketing. Here, Artificial Intelligence can be used in all promotional strategies, such as email marketing, landing page designing, etc. 

It can reinforce the product in target customers mind and get them buy or check respective products again if the AI feels they are disengaging from their brand. Moreover, it can be used in campaigns and making strategies to promote a brand. 

Furthermore, Predictive Analysis is another way to use AI in Digital Marketing, as marketers can collect details about their target audiences and optimze their campaigns accordingly. By making the right changes, marketers can save a lot of money on their ads and use it on various other ways. 


Chatbot is a software program that enables humans to converse with robots and find solution to their problems. Chatbots are becoming an important part of every business and greatly assisting many people, as they can quickly answer any query regarding any field. 

Although it doesn’t help to promote or market a particular brand, it acts as a guide ton visitors of the website and help them take thoughful actions. Marketers can question any query related to website dysfunction, promotional strategies and connect them with a professional for further assistance.  

Many businesses and data analysts worldwide are using Chatbots to collect data, which can help them improve their projects. 

Creating Web Design

Many of us believe that a web developer must design a website for a particular brand or for themselves. But, nowadays, AI can create your website the way you want. You can provide images, text and Call to Action to AI and in response, it’ll help you to make your website more professional and appealing. 


Digital Marketers working in e-commerce companies always find their job hard. Here AI can help them in every aspect, such as website development, product recommendation to customers, content creation, providing customer support and detailed data. Artificial intelligence can do it all and make it easy for you to run your online business.

Summing it Up

Artificial Intelligence is a heated topic with a lot of controversies and debate all over the world. For example, in Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence acts as a catalyst that can reduce the Digital Marketers’ work easy and help save their time. 

Ultimately, we can state that “ Artificial Intelligence can be the best or worst thing that ever happens to Digital Marketing, but right now, it is definitely a productive and useful thing in Digital Marketing”.  

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