How Electric Vehicles are Bringing Out the Worst in USA

April 19, 2023

Electric vehicles are bringing out the worst in USA” Does this title seems to be contradictory to your beliefs? No one would have thought that electric vehicles could also be bad for people. But is it true that the electric vehicles are bringing out the worst in the USA? Or is it just another rumor spread by people who despise or do not like an electric vehicle? 

At first, it seems absurd to claim that electric vehicles are a danger for Americans, but upon researching on this topic, the reason why many people believe in this will make you question your own beliefs.

A few years back, the problem didn’t seem much, or at least when we compared the problem with the benefits, it didn’t matter much. But now, as the problem is growing, the problem itself is coming into a note. So, in this blog, we will understand about electric vehicles and how they are actually becoming a problem for people.

Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle isn’t a new concept. The idea first came in 1884, but the real car came first in 1888 by a German engineer known as Andreas Flocken. After that, in between the 90s and 2010s, the electric car’s popularity grew significantly. This was also the time when Elon Musk owned Tesla, came to be, and revolutionized electric vehicles.

The advanced mechanics of an Electric Vehicle

As we all know, the world is in a crisis called global warming, which means the global temperature is heating up. And the biggest reason is because of the excessive deposition of carbon in the atmosphere. 

Indeed carbon is an important element of the atmosphere that makes this planet warm enough for all of us to survive. However, we all know that too much of anything is not good. And that is what is happening.

A high amount of carbon is deposited in the atmosphere, which traps solar heat, increasing the overall temperature. 

And among the various factors, vehicle smoke is one of the major causes of this global phenomenon. So, to solve this issue, electric cars were introduced, which can be a strong and efficient alternative to this problem. 

In addition, along with air pollution, these vehicles are also efficient in eliminating or at least limiting noise pollution. Electric vehicles use batteries to function and power the motors. They can have two motors or four motors for each tire. 

With such benefits, you may wonder how these great inventions can cause trouble for Americans. Now let’s go into more detail.

Problems with Electric car

From the perspective of functionality, it can be a great car. However, the main problem that comes here is the urge or desire to drive bigger, faster, and heavier on the roads. The massive size of SUVs and trucks tends to make less space on the road, which increases the probability of accidents. 

According to a report, the pedestrian death rate reached 40 year high in 2021. One major drawback of using these massive vehicles is that they tend to reduce visibility and make it tough for people to make proper judgments while driving the vehicle. 

Moreover, they also need to be wary of the place they are driving; congested spaces can make driving a tough job for people. 

We already had large gas-fed SUVs, but their electric counterparts were equally massive but much heavier due to the addition of large batteries to support the powerful motors. 

The concern is not only about the weight but the power of the vehicle. Many experts are worried about the possible outcome of handing these powerful machines in the hand of the American people, where most want to be the strongest, fastest, and heaviest on the road. 

For example, the Ford F-150 is a popular Ford pickup truck, and last year when President Joe Biden took it for a speed test, it reached 0 to 100 miles within 4 seconds, which was about a second faster than its fuel variant. This statistic shows the potential power of an electric vehicle. 

Generally, the power of a car is measured by its capacity to reach 0 to 60 mph. And recently Tesla Plaid Model S can reach 60 mph in a record-breaking 1.99 seconds, which broke the fastest acceleration of a gas vehicle, the Porsche 911, which had a record time of 2.8 seconds. 

Are Electric vehicles more dangerous?

A study published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that hybrid or electric vehicles can accelerate more quickly than gas ones, increasing their chances of pedestrian accidents by 10 %. Moreover, quick acceleration expands the battery and can result in damage to the battery life. 

The major problem that lies with the electric vehicle is due to its excessive power. America already witnesses thousands of deaths on the road, which are due to a lack of control over vehicles. In addition, there are many road rage cases heard in the news, and if these people get access to these vehicles, it can get dangerous. 


Do people prefer Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles have a large market share, and many people prefer them over gasoline-driven vehicles. However, they are not as fun as gasoline vehicles to drive. You won’t feel any vibrations, no sound, no clutch or gear set. 

Basically, an electric vehicle is just a powerful and plain vehicle that may look intimidating but lacks the real feel of driving. And many gasoline vehicle drivers will agree with this feeling. Moreover, an electric vehicle will also use fewer components than its gas counterparts, eliminating the cost of all those equipment. For example, an electric vehicle will not have any exhaust component because neither there is any smoke or noise.

Possible dangers of Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles do not pose a threat themselves as long as people drive them cautiously and do not long for heavier, more powerful, and bigger machines. According to Forber, in 2020, there were 35,766 fatal car accidents, 1,593,390 accidents caused road injuries, and another 3,621,681 accidents caused road damage. 

The majority of the accidents also occur while overspeeding, driving in poor weather conditions, or while under the influence. These all occur for both electric vehicles and gasoline-run cars. But considering the pace at which electric vehicles are developing, even if they are a couple of decades old, is astounding. 

Considering the current situation, these vehicles will keep advancing and reaching new heights, which can result in more advanced and powerful machines. America has different weather conditions in different parts of the country, which makes driving in them more challenging. And being more aware of your driving needs will help you choose a good vehicle and save yourself from adding to the worst of the world. 

Electric Vehicle

End Note

At last, you can choose the vehicle you drive, but they don’t always need to be the main problem. As a citizen of a free country, you are free to choose which car to drive. But be mindful of what car or SUV you are choosing and for what purpose. 

Avoid buying based on compulsions; this will be more beneficial for you and also for the people. If you do not need an SUV then choose a sedan class over it. Remember to be safe on the road than being sorry. So with this, we conclude the topic and wish you safe driving. 

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