Host Unforgettable Webinars With These Best Webinar Platforms Offering A Free Trial

July 20, 2022

Want to host a successful webinar but don’t have where and how?

No worries now!

You have landed on the right blog. In this blog, we will discuss webinars and virtual platforms that offer you a virtual space for hosting webinars in brief.

An online seminar is known as a webinar. It also has a presenter, presentation, and audience. The only difference is that instead of a physical venue it is hosted virtually over the internet.

When things are getting back to normal again then what is the need for a webinar?

  • Webinars are cost-efficient and time-saving.
  • Webinars widen your attendee’s reach, you can communicate globally without having any efforts.
  • You can create brand awareness by reaching out to thousands of users.
  • Webinars on the right virtual platform increase attendees’ repeats rate as the virtual platform attracts attendees.

Where to host a webinar?

These virtual platforms which provide space for hosting a webinar are known as webinar platforms. Since webinars have gained popularity, we can see many new virtual event platforms that provide virtual space for webinars.
The right virtual platform enables you to host a well-executed, successful, and unforgettable webinar. So selection of the right virtual platform is the most important thing when thinking about the webinars.

In this blog, we will make you aware of the best virtual platform that will give you an unforgettable experience of hosting and attending the webinar. Let’s start the blog.

Mixhubb: This is the leading virtual platform that facilitates you with an unforgettable, immersive webinar experience.

From beginning to the end, you can manage the whole webinar by yourself. This virtual platform is scalable, enabling you to host webinars beyond a specific limit of attendees.

On Mixhubb, you can instantly set up a webinar with ease.

It allows customization so that users can modify, change, or can create designs for their events or webinars according to their requirements.

It is a cost-effective virtual platform that does not add an extra burden to your pockets. Using this virtual platform, you can host a hassle-free webinar in an engageable environment.

Mixhuub offers other features like recording, AI Matchmaking, Breakout Rooms, Data Analytics, Smooth Onboarding, etc. Along with this, Mixhubb also provides 100% branding opportunities to the organizers.

Mixhubb lets you organize a Webinar at no cost. With its free trial, you can experience the benefit of all its features and services.

Zoom: This is another most popular virtual event platform that gives you an unforgettable webinar experience. Zoom allows you to host a webinar, keeping your audience engaged with its HD video and audio collaborations.
Zoom is a quick and easy-to-use video solution for all your business communication needs. Allows screen sharing, chatting, and recording. Zoom also gives you the option to add more participants to the live webinars. Attendees can also change their virtual backgrounds according to their interests.

GoToWebinar: This is another virtual platform where you can host a hassle-free webinar with an unforgettable experience. GoToWebinar offers a free trial for seven days where you can host a webinar with only 10 attendees. It also has features like automated emails and pre-recorded webinars.

Its webcast mode allows you to host live webinars with up to 3,000 attendees. It also allows a platform where you can globally promote your business. It provides independence to add colors, brand logos, and images to the personalized webinar content.

During a webinar, it allows you to create a more engaging fun-filled environment for the attendees. A live webinar, permits six presenters, panelists, and organizers to share their webcams to help the audience.

Join.Me: This virtual platform is best for those entrepreneurs who want to host a webinar with a minimum number of attendees. With its free plan, you can share a screen with only three attendees. However, with its paid plan you can host a webinar with up to 50 attendees. With its paid plan, you can schedule your meetings and webinar on Google Calendar and in Outlook you can record your webinar also.

On 24: This is another comprehensive virtual platform for organizing and hosting an unforgettable webinar. It offers many personalized features to keep the audience engaged. On24 provides an immersive digital experience to its attendees.

With its analytic dashboard, organizers can track the insights of the webinar or virtual event as well data analytics also enables organizers to know about the success of the event.

It offers features like break-out rooms allowing organizers to encourage the audience to participate in the event or webinar. It also offers features like Q&A, Polls, etc to keep attendees engaged. It also delivers content like training and chaptered video using live videos, on-demand videos, and personalized webinar experiences that educate and engage the attendees.

ezTalks: It is another virtual platform from the list that offers a free webinar service. Using its visual effects during the webinar, the presenter can create an engaging environment for the attendees. On this platform, you can host a webinar with up to a limit of 100 active attendees, and up to 10,000 attendees can only view the webinar. It provides features like a whiteboard, screen sharing, and chatbox so attendees can interact with the organizers and remain active during the complete webinar. This is a free virtual event platform but for using all of its features you need to take a trial pack; after the free trial pack, you need to take its paid plan to host the next webinar.

So this was all about Webinars, their benefit, and the virtual platforms offering you the service to host webinars. In this blog, we have covered details about all the best virtual platforms where you can host a well-executed webinar with an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking for a virtual platform for organizing your next webinars that meet the goals of your organization, then you must try your hands on one of the above-mentioned virtual event platforms.

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