Hidden iPhone 14 Pro Max Features

May 11, 2023

Apple is the most popular brand in the mobile industry and growing at a continuous rate. People choose the iPhone due to its unique UI, advanced features, and advanced data privacy. The iPhone is introduced in the market with many different variants, and the iPhone Pro Max variant is the most premium and flagship variant of every series that host several hidden features. This blog will cover all the hidden features that will amaze you and allow you to make your iPhone experience much better.

Few Hidden features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

ProMotion display

Refresh rates have become the most important aspect of tech geeks in the past few months. The more the refresh rate of the screen, the better will be the usability. Hence Apple has introduced the ProMotion display in iPhone 14 Pro Max. This display allows the adaptive refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz, and it helps users experience Games, movies, and entertainment in a whole new manner. 

Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

Thinking about any upgrade in wireless technology recently, iPhone 14 Pro Max has introduced Ultra-Wideband technology which is an evolution to wireless connectivity, and it is an upgrade to the Bluetooth connectivity and AirDrop that Apple uses. 

Cinematic Mode with 4K Resolution

Cinematic Mode was introduced with the iPhone 13 Pros to take videos with a dramatic depth-of-field effect. Select Cinematic in the Camera app and begin recording footage. Your iPhone will dynamically concentrate on the topic before you, but you can modify the focus in the stock Photos app afterward.

Enhanced Face ID

Apple is continuously working on the enhancement of the privacy of their user and their identity. They have introduced a new algorithm and aspects to use the face ID and verify the user. It could help in faster identification, accurate recognition, and identifying faces from various angles.

Advanced Night Mode

To show your photography skills in the dark, you require advanced technology having Advanced night mode. Apple has made it possible in iPhone 14 Pro Max. They have integrated this advanced technology into a compact machine like a mobile so that users can take impressive pictures in low light.

Personalized Widgets

What would be the best feature if you could customize your device in a personalized way with many options? Apple has made it possible to personalize your device by customizing your lock screen and widgets and organizing your information.

Steadier Video with Action Mode

Without question, the iPhone has an excellent camera, making it great for photography and video production. However, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models’ Action mode allows you to take more steady footage. While the action mode works best with a lot of light, you may modify the settings to make it operate in low light.

iPhone Never Disappoints

These are some of the hidden and coolest features available on the iPhone. Some features are particularly for iPhone 14 Pro Max, but some can be in lower variants. These features can increase your productivity and enhance your usability. Embrace the power of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and keep exploring the other hidden and useful features of the new technology.

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