Beginner’s Guide to NBA Fantasy and DFS Starting lineup

April 3, 2023

Today NBA has built a large sports community in the world where not only players but fans can also get rewards. And one of the best ways to earn and engage from the NBA is – Daily fantasy sports, abbreviated as DFS. With better strategy and skill, you will feel the excitement of setting up your own sports team. As a beginner, it may be hard for you to understand NBA fantasy and how you can use it to win good rewards in every match. But there is nothing to worry about, as this guide will provide the top strategies to draft the best team for matches.

Daily Fantasy Sports: Rules

Before diving into NBA daily fantasy sports, it’s important to understand the rules. Each DFS site has different scoring rules and player positions. You have to give time to learn about every rule on the specific site; it will help you make the best decision.

#1 Focus on High-Volume Players

It’s not hidden that high-volume players are likable by everyone, and the same will apply in your case of the DFS match. When it comes to choosing players for NBA starting lineup, consider those with a high volume of playing time. The player involved in the offense and defense of the team is also a good choice. That way, you can build a lineup that will help you win the contest.

#2 Injury Reports and Player News

Injury reports and player news is a major keys to helping you stay updated with current news and turn this opportunity into success. An injured player drastically affects the outcome of the game. So it’s important to keep an eye on player news to adjust your lineup timely.

#3 Value Picks are Important

Value picks are great additions to your daily fantasy lineup. These players have priced low based on their potential performance. Choosing potential picks will save money and help you spend on high-volume players. All you have to do is look for a player who is undervalued due to some poor performance or those who seemed good but didn’t get the opportunity in recent matches.

#4 Perfectly Use of Data and Analytics

Data and analytics are the best strategies for getting any kind of result or making any decision. There are a variety of websites and tools available on the internet that is useful in analyzing player and team statistics and tracking news trends. You can use them to build the best lineup to improve winning chances.

Starting Lineup: What is it

The NBA starting lineup involves five players from every team on the court who begin the game. The starting lineup consists of the talented and experienced players of teams, and they are selected to increase the winning chances for the team. 

Below are some roles and positions of each player in starting lineup that will help you understand it in a better way.

No.1 – Point Guard: The point guard is the primary ball-handler and playmaker of the team and is responsible for

-bringing the ball up the court

-Setting the strong offense

-Distribution the ball to the teammates

Usually, you’ll find the Point guards as the smallest player on the court, but they have quickness and agility that help them guide defenders.

No.2 – Shooting Guard: The shooting guard role is handled by the best perimeter shooter and scorer of a team. These players are responsible for creating their own shots or shooting off screens set by their teammates. These players have slightly bigger physical body size than point guards and have a quick release on their shot.

No.3 – Small Forward:  Next is the small forward who used to do little bit of everything and is known as the secondary scorer of the team. These players contribute their role in the area of rebounding, passing, and defense. The small forward has a bigger physical appearance than shooting guards as they defend against bigger players.

No.4 – Power Forward: Power forward is the role of the players who are physically strong and score in the post and also rebound the ball. These players are known as the primary scorer and defenders of the team, and they also box out the opposite player and secure the rebounds. Choosing the right player for the power forward is crucial for a team to win and for you in NBA fantasy. 

No.5 – Center: The center is the team’s tallest player and is responsible for anchoring the defense point and handling the paint. These elite players are primary rebounders and shot blockers, and they contribute to scoring in the post. They are often the team’s primary rebounder and shot-blocker, and they can also contribute to scoring in the post. Centers have the biggest physical appearance courts that defend other big men.

While watching the match, sometime you’ll find the overlap between these positions because many players play multiple positions depending on their skill set and the team’s need. Some teams chose the “small ball” lineup for the match, where small players are set in the order of tall players to increase speed and space on the court.

How Are Fantasy Points Calculated In NBA?

NBA Fantasy

NBA daily fantasy is a popular format of online gaming where fans can create their own fantasy team of selected players. But there is a key aspect of DFS in basketball that determines the player’s performance, abbreviated as fantasy point’s calculation. As a beginner in NBA Daily fantasy sports, you must know about this important factor, so let’s dive into it.

  • Points

Points score is the precise way to earn fantasy points. Points that are scored in a game contribute directly to the total fantasy points for the player. Each basket by a player helps them gain points. Understand it as an example, suppose a player scores 20 points in a game; they will receive 20 fantasy points.

  • Rebounds

Rebounds are a major statistic that plays a role in the evolution of a player’s fantasy points. After every rebound, the player gets a number of points which are different for every platform. If your selected team player records one rebound, then they will receive +1.25 fantasy points, according to NBA DFS DraftKings. 

  • Assists

Assists are another important part of basketball. Assist also determine the total fantasy points of a player. Each assist records some number of points for a player. For example, DraftKings record 1.5 points on each assist for a player.

  • Steals

Steals are rare and valuable statistics in a basketball match and help a player get points. The steel point is credited into the player’s account when the defender moves the ball away from the opponent’s hand. On each steel, a player gains 2 points in draft king. 

  • Blocks

Blocks are another key factor in a basketball game where the defender legally deflects the field goal. Blocks are the popular factor for defending an opponent’s basket for them. On each block, a player gets specific points depending on the platform. NBA DFS DraftKings credit +2 points on each basket. 

  • Turnovers

Turnovers are a negative statistic in basketball. If a player loses possession of the ball before the shot, they get charged with turnover because they lose the golden opportunity. Turnover reduces a player’s fantasy points, and each turnover reduces -0.5 points for a player in the DraftKings platform. 

  • Free Throws

Free throws are a key part of basketball, where a team gets a chance to basket behind the free throw line. Free throws are also rare that provide a great opportunity for a team. A foul throw contributes to a player’s fantasy point. After each free throw, a player gets some specific points. 

  • Field Goal Percentage

If you are not knowledgeable about field goal percentage, then it’s time. It is an essential statistic used in basketball to measure the shots percentage of a player. A field goal can be easily calculated by dividing the basket shot made by the basket shot attempted by the player. On the basketball court, every player tries their best. Some NBA fantasy leagues include a field goal percentage factor for determining the total fantasy point for a player.

After learning the above-given detail about NBA fantasy, you can give it a try. DFS helps fans to enjoy basketball in a unique way, along with earning rewards. People can draft, pick and build a strong lineup for upcoming matches, which will evolve their knowledge about this sport. 

Earn Rewards

Understanding “how are fantasy points calculated in NBA” helps fans to create competitive fantasy teams and enjoy the game even more. If you are also interested in earning precious rewards from NBA fantasy, then visit other content and learn about NBA standing 2023 from TheTechventures website. Also, you can learn about the best NBA Fantasy pickup for tonight from the website. So don’t be late anymore, and start learning the journey to form a winning lineup for the NBA DFS game.

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