5 Marketing Analytics Tools: What They Do & Who They’re For

November 23, 2022

Nowadays, almost all online businesses rely on various website analytics tools to gather visitors’ data and behavior. The marketing analytics tools provide valuable insights about the site’s visitors, like the issues they face, which web pages they commonly visit, the amount of time they spend on that particular webpage, where they click, and much more.

There’s a lot of consideration when choosing the best marketing analytic tools. By answering the following three questions, users get the best-suited analytic tool according to their business needs:

  • Is the tool automatic, or does it require manual assistance? For example, self-hosted analytics tools must be run and kept on your server. Therefore, they need considerable time and programming skills to maintain and set up. Contrarily, SaaS apps are in the provider company’s infrastructure, so you don’t have to maintain and install software or servers.
  • What type of data does the tool gather data? Most traditional marketing analytics tools are quantitative. While valuable, quantitative data can’t show what users do. This makes it hard to enhance their experience and conversion rates. Instead, you need qualitative data gathered through session recordings.
  • Do the tool track user interactions automatically? The power to track particular actions, like text inputs and button clicks, is important for understanding how users use your site. Many analytics tools track interactions, but most include manual setup tracking to analyze. As a result, you require time and programming skills to execute event tracking. 

The answers to these three questions specify the amount of time, resources, and talents you require for each analytic tool. In this post, we’ll walk you through 5 marketing analytic tools while answering What Does It Do? and Who Is It For?


First up on the list of marketing analysis tools is Mixpanel, which offers valuable insights into user behavior.

What Does It Do?

Mixpanel provides users with a wealth of data about the usage of websites and mobile apps. For example, you can analyze user interaction with your app to see how users are interacting with your product. This functionality doesn’t require a single code, making it easy to use even for non-technical personnel.

Who Is It For?

Mixpanel has exceptional clients, including Twitch, Autodesk, and Salesforce, and its competitive pricing makes it available for even small businesses. 

The AdWords Performance Grader 

For beginners entering the world of paid search, identifying the right measures to focus on is overwhelming. This is why numerous small-business owners have switched to the AdWords Performance Grader. It’s basically a professional-level PPC audit in 60 seconds.

What Does It Do?

The AdWords Performance Grader securely and quickly evaluates the power of your Google Ads account in 60 seconds or less. Once it has performed the audit, you’ll get a clear report, including your account’s strengths and weaknesses as per the 10 key metrics, including impression share, mobile optimization, and ad text optimization.

Who Is It For?

AdWords Performance Grader provides valuable insights to anyone with a Google Ads account.


From a conversion perspective, web forms’ prevalence doesn’t make them any less complicated. However, that’s what makes Formisimo so potentially valuable to marketers.

What Does It Do?

Formisimo offers users actionable data, like why people don’t complete web forms. The marketing analytic tools study real-time data and compile intuitive reports per your forms’ analysis against individual metrics. 

Who Is It For?

Anyone who uses web forms benefits from Formisimo. The web’s leading brands use Formisimo, but small businesses benefit even more from the actionable data that the software promises.


Seeing exactly where your users aim their attention provides marketers with unique insights into their user’s behavior.

What Does It Do?

CrazyEgg interprets user behavior on the website. For example, it analyzes factors like the user’s interaction, which produces a heat map of user behavior on the website. CrazyEgg also tracks the scroll depth, showing the exact point where you started losing visitors’ attention. 

Who Is It For?

Stop assuming what your users might do and start analyzing the factual information with CrazyEgg. Making decisions based on a heat map greatly influences your conversion rates, as you can check what users are doing on your site.


Users greatly rely on BuzzSumo to check out what resonates with audiences and later use it as a starting point.

What Does It Do?

BuzzSumo offers user data on subjects trending across major social media. In addition, you can also use these incredibly versatile content analysis tools to analyze data from the last 12 hours or several months. This gives you valuable insights about topics that are gaining significant social traction.

BuzzSumo also includes a wide range of added functionality, like backlink information, advanced keyword research, content filters, and even influencer marketing. You can then export this data to analyze the data or utilize it as the basis for your forthcoming content project.

Who Is It For?

Social media specialists, content marketers, and experienced bloggers benefit most from BuzzSumo. This marketing analytic tool helps you stay updated with the trendiest topics and determine new content topics. So, if you work in content, give BuzzSumo a shot.

Over to you

And there you have it. If you want to start your marketing analysis, use any or all of the marketing analytic tools listed above to help you.

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