iPhone Motherboard and Crack Screen Repair Issues with Remedies

Getting iPhone (iPad, iPod for that matter) screen broken is an unfortunate but a common issue. All the iPhones users must have faced this situation more than once in all these years. iPhone screen shattering is terrible and heartbreaking, but not disastrous- you have options to fix it!

While it may be little hard to repair most of the handsets, with the right skills and tools it is easy to fix iPhone problems that too within the lesser budget than an insurance.

So, this article involves all motherboard and crack screen issues that are faced during and after repair and its remedies.

The tips and information in this article will help you to repair your iPhone screen and motherboard issues. And, by the end of this article you will know all about repairing visibly cracked screen or if your screen has become non-responding to finger touch.

iPhone Motherboard Repairs And Issues
The motherboard is located in the housing of the device and is referred to as Main board. It is the brain or controlling system for all the functions from a simple phone call to intricate apps on the device.

iPhone Motherboard  Repair

What Problems Does The Malfunction Of The Motherboard Cause?
When the motherboard becomes faulty, we are only left with the option of fixing it because a motherboard is specific to a device and can’t be interchanged. It is wise to avoid the expensive option of replacing it with a new one which is not recommended if we want to retain all the functions of the iPhone such as fingerprint sensor.

Fixing motherboard is a complex and time-consuming task which not only require patience but accuracy in the repair protocol. Therefore, any phase should not be avoided. It is important to ensure that the repair process is successful to be cautious of any ‘quick fix” as it may result in an irreversible damage situation.

In case of motherboard repair has resulted into something unfixable by the service center, then don’t rush into any decision of parting ways with it just now.

There are some third-party repairing centers that offers iPhone Motherboard repair in Singapore.

Mentioned-below are some of the common issues that may stem into a faulty motherboard:

1)        Water/Liquid Damage
In case your device is exposed to water/liquid/moisture, it is recommended to immediately power off the iPhone to avoid short circuit and preclude any further damage. For better fixing services, either visit the authentic Apple service center or third party repair centers who have a good reputation in the local market or online.

2)   Baseband
Another common issue (iTunes error1) may pop-up on the phone as No service, searching, dropped calls or ceasing audio disturbances during the call, missing modem firmware in settings.

3)   Touch IC
If you are dealing with the touch issues, then it is not the screen causing those problems but the touch IC.

Usual signs of touch IC failure are:

  • On the top of the screen square appears.
  • Irresponsive or freezing touch issues.
  • Vertical and horizontal lines appear on the phone screen

4)   Audio IC
Audio IC failure prompts the device to show some glitches in the sound functions. For example, any sound-related issues such as- creaking sound while operating music, or during the call, or in the basic functionalities of microphone/loudspeaker.

5)   Charging IC
If the mobile phone is not getting charged, then the problem is with charging IC.

iPhone Cracked Screen Issues and Repair
To fix the smashed iPhone can be an intimidating task. Not only iPhone but, iPad crack screen repair suffers the same issue. In most of the cases, the fixing needs a lot of money. Be it any damage; from busted screen to broken home screen button, iPhone parts replacement will help you to fix the things.

Mentioned-below are the solutions that can help you fix the iPhone screen damage:

Official Apple Store for Part Replacement
To get the smashed parts of an iPhone repaired, take your iPhone directly to the official Apple Store for the replacement of the parts. But before visiting the store, make sure to book an online appointment with the repair executive.

In case you reside far away from the support center, you can e-mail the phone, or you can send it to the Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP).

If the damaged phone is still under warranty, the AASP will offer an exchange of the damaged parts or repair as small damage repair is covered under that warranty. The phone will be returned to you within 1-2 business weeks.

TIP: Don’t forget to carry your extended warranty papers or invoice, if you have any.

Independent Repair and Replacement Shops for iPhone
The official Apple Store tends to cost you a lot to fix your iPhone if it is out of warranty. Not to mention, the turnaround time is also frustratingly long. Most independent repair shops or third party repair shops offer quicker and inexpensive iPhone part replacement such as charging port, battery, screen, home button, and motherboard.

Since the authentic Apple parts are not used by these repair shops; hence, the services here are inexpensive than the official Apple Store.

Note: Some independent repairs offer warranty of their own.

iPhone Screen Repair Issues
Today, the repair experts can fix iPhone issues than never before. But, there is a dark truth behind the parts replacement in iPhones that can lead to the non-functioning of some features. In iPhones, most of the elements are enabled only at the factory level.

These elements only function on BIOS of an iPhone or through the in-built metric that the developer has designed. And therefore, the user can face a few issues even after parts replacement.

Here is the list!

The iPhone Home Buttons Are Replaceable, But You Can Face A Non-Functioning Touch ID:
Indeed, the home button is the most complicated part of an iPhone. In case your iPhone faces a broken home button, or it has become non-functioning in any way, then, always remember that it can’t be brought back to its original state.

You can surely replace that button with a new one, but you will have to sacrifice the touch ID feature. This is because; it is a factory-built feature and any damage to the cables of the home button renders the usage of Touch ID.

Navigation through Assistive Touch won’t cease, but the fingerprint ID feature will be rendered.

2. FaceID of iPhone X And Above Models Will Not Work After Replacing The “Ear Speaker” Unit
Another thing that you need to know is that if you replace ear speaker, face ID feature will not work. Face ID feature is included by Apple company in the iPhone X models and above.

In iPhone X, Apple introduced a face ID feature and removed the home button feature. But, here things are still complex! How? Face ID hardware includes ‘TrueDepth Camera System,’ and it is linked with the proximity sensors and the ambient light sensors. So, when any damage happen to ear speaker and you replace it Face ID becomes non-functional.

Bottom Line:
In case your iPhone device gets damaged, then for iPhone Motherboard repair or iPad crack screen repair official Apple store is not the only option, there are other options too. And, it would be wise to accept the fact that after iPhone parts replacement, you may have to compromise with the situations.


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